Your garden in summer's ups and downs

No rain, then too much rain, then...2021 is a challenging year for gardening. For those who garden in northeastern Illinois, June ushered in one of the driest months in recorded weather history. Moderate-to-severe drought conditions were present in Cook, Lake, McHenry, DuPage, and Kane Counties. Then the rains came, with flash flooding in some areas and sopping wet soils in most gardens. Here are some tips to keep your garden in shape this summer:

Moon walk? Yes, please

April's only full moon is lovely enough, but the upcoming one is a gift from nature—and the perfect time to take a night walk. On Monday, April 26, head outside to see the "pink" supermoon. Whether you prefer to walk in solitude or with family members, don’t miss peak illumination at about 10:30 p.m. Central Daylight Time.

A Garden Fit for Emperors (and You)

An ancient glacier. A swampy marsh. A renowned landscape architect. The Chinese Garden of Perfect Brightness. Tie them together and the result is part of the intriguing back story of the Chicago Botanic Garden—which starts long before the Garden’s groundbreaking in 1965. Next time you visit the Garden, take a closer look at the topography and you can still make out the origins of all that beauty. “One designs not places, or spaces or things—one designs experiences.”
John O. Simonds, Landscape Architect

Acknowledging Indigenous Peoples Day

It has been five months since the Black Lives Matter movement ignited a new civil rights movement and caused the Chicago Botanic Garden to reflect and recommit to equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility for our staff, our visitors, our volunteers, and our boards. Part of that process is to take a hard look at the stories the Garden tells about gardens, plants, and people.

Tram Trivia

Dinosaur snacks and other Garden trivia you should know We love our Grand Tram Tour drivers—they’ll tell you things that most people (and even Google) don’t know about the Chicago Botanic Garden. Take this quick quiz on just a few of the factoids that the drivers share. We know you’ll ace this (except for maybe the "Making waves..." question; there’s something a bit fishy about it). Need a refresher? Grand Tram Tours are scheduled to run daily through October 11.