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The Orchid Show

Open Daily
February 13 – March 13, 2016
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Adults: members/nonmembers: $8/$10
Seniors 62+: members/nonmembers: $6/$8
Children 3 to 12: members/nonmembers: $6/$8, Children 2 and under: free
Buy your parking in advance for faster entry.

Tripods and monopods are not allowed in the exhibition except for Wednesdays during public hours of the Orchid Show.

Experience the Orchid Exhibition.

PHOTO: The Orchid Show
PHOTO: The Orchid Show
PHOTO: The Orchid Show

It’s the best. Eye candy. Ever.
The Regenstein Center Greenhouses and Galleries are transformed by trees draped in orange and yellow Dendrobium, a hanging hedge of pink and purple Beallara, and vibrant Vanda in orange, red, yellow, and even blue. See more than 10,000 orchids in all. Note to selfie: bring a camera.
About the Show
Special Events

Take a deep breath...and take a break.
Cold outside? It’s warm inside at the Orchid Show Greenhouses and Galleries. Add live music (on Tuesday and Thursday mornings), an orchid marketplace, and weekend orchid repotting services—it’s a great place to unplug and relax.
Morning Music with the Orchids
Orchid Marketplace

Post-Orchid Show Plant Sale

There is a lot to learn about Orchidaceae.
Did you know that the fruit of vanilla is an orchid? That Illinois has 45 native orchids? That Oncidium Sharry Baby smells like chocolate? There’s a lot to learn about these extraordinary flowers.
Learn from the Experts
Orchid Classes

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