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Untamed: The Orchid Show

February 12 – March  27


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oak regeneration

Negaunee Institute for Plant Conservation Science and Action

The Negaunee Institute’s science program focuses on five core areas aimed at understanding the diversity of plants and fungi; mitigating diversity loss; laying the foundation for healthy ecosystems; studying interactions between plants, fungi, and animals; and investigating connections between people and plants. Our science program is fostering an improved relationship between humans and nature.

Preventing Extinctions

Habitat fragmentation, climate change, disrupted population demographics and genetic diversity, are just some of the threats that can result in extinction of plant species.

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Garden Stories

The Changing Climate

It’s hard to think of fall without picturing a mosaic of trees with warm-colored hues. Amber browns, golden yellows, and blazing reds cover many natural areas in the Midwest, including the Chicago Botanic Garden. It’s all thanks to fall’s shorter days and cool nights.

But with our changing climate, what happens to that classic fall color we’ve come to know and love?

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