Model Railroad Garden

Model Railroad Garden

Landmarks of America

Celebrate 25 years of our G-scale World

Train and garden enthusiasts, young and old, return year after year for the delightful sights and sounds of the miniature trains traversing high and low through tunnels, across bridges, and past replicas of American landmarks. All landmarks are intricately handcrafted with natural materials, including twigs, bark, leaves, acorns, and pebbles.

The garden-scale trains are 1/29th the size of life-size trains. More than 5,000 tiny trees, shrubs, ground covers, and flowering plants of 300 varieties re-create the topographical landscape of America.

Model Railroad Garden

Fun Facts

There are 19 model G-scale trains running on 19 tracks. Trains travel over 26 bridges. 5,000 plants of 300 different varieties live in this garden. The longest track usually runs the Santa Fe Freight. The shortest track runs the ladybug and caterpillar cars

For safety reasons, strollers, tripods, and monopods are not allowed.


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Garden Features:

  • Model trains
  • American landmarks
  • Tunnels, bridges, and water
  • Tiny trees and plants

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