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Enhance Your Visit with the Garden's App

download the GardenGuide for Android download the GardenGuide for iphone

Technology can enhance your next visit to the Garden! The GardenGuide app features an interactive map, tour guide, event calendar, What's in Bloom, Garden plant finder, and general plant guide, among other fun and useful things.

The app works on IOS and Android. Visitors without smartphones can also access the plant finder while they are at the Garden or at home.

Interactive Map

GardenGuide in action

The Garden's app map enables you to pinpoint your location in the Garden. Just touch where you want to go and track progress to your destination. Pinch and zoom to change the map's magnification and see an information pin that explains a garden feature or plant when you touch it.

Walking Tours

Choose from different types of walking tours that each add a layer to the app map showing a specific type of walk. One walk highlights aquatic plants, and another is a photo walk showing especially good places to take pictures. A path on the map indicates where you should walk, with key information pins that can be touched for more information. Best of all there are audio narratives by Kris Jarantoski, executive vice president and director of the Chicago Botanic Garden.

What's New Alerts

From your smartphone app, these alerts will announce which plants are in bloom, and notify you of Garden events.

Plant Finder

Type a plant name (common or Latin) to find the plant you seek. Select the plant's name, and an information pin will appear on the Garden's app map, so you can find its location relative to where you are within the Garden.

Plant Guide

Home gardeners and landscapers can access Garden plant information web pages to discover plants best suited for their needs. Search by different plant characteristics and browse the results! Save the plants or places you like in My Favorites and retrieve them easily later. Share with friends by e-mail or on Facebook.