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Gardening for Butterflies

It’s butterfly season! On warm summer days, these flying gems float from one flower to another in search of nectar. They are one of...


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Blazing Star

Liatris is a genus of about 40 species of North American prairie plants with several species found in Illinois. Blazing stars occur...

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Use Your Summer Blooms

Use Your Summer Blooms

Q: This summer, I have been blessed with an overabundance of flowers, far more than I can use in cut bouquets. I am reluctant to waste the blooms, so can you suggest other ways to use them?

A: Sometimes abundance is a mixed blessing, but depending upon the variety and quantity, there are definitely uses for summer blooms beyond cut arrangements.

Preserve the aroma. Dry the petals of calendula, marigold, pansies, or roses, and mix with your choice of herbs and spices for potpourri to bring garden fragrances indoors...