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Witch hazel

As gardeners develop an appreciation of native trees and shrubs, many become more willing to try these plants in their own landscapes. The...


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Winter Photography

The winter landscape, freed from its summer splendor, may appear bare and forlorn to some, but for those who take the time to stroll around the...

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Growing Blueberries

Growing Blueberries

Q. I’d like to grow blueberries in my yard, but I understand this is difficult in northern Illinois.  Is there a way?

A.  Blueberries are popular because they are tasty and nutritious, but their need for acidic soil makes them hard to grow in the typically alkaline soil of northern Illinois. Although modifying soil chemistry is impractical for most home gardeners, there is a solution:  Containers! Dwarf plants with appropriate cold hardiness can thrive in containers where the requisite soil chemistry is easily established and maintained.

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