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Chrysanthemum is Japanese, She's a fine lady, if you please. She comes to see us once a year, about the time Thanksgiving's here.


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October Garden Chores

School’s in session and gardeners have homework

Don’t pack away your gardening tools or the hose just yet. Now’s the time to thoroughly...

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Preserving Produce

Preserving Produce

Q: Canning, drying, and freezing preserve fruits and vegetables for future use, usually without major changes. Are there preservation methods that enhance flavor and/or nutritional value?

A: Two related techniques—fermenting and pickling—can enhance flavor. Both employ an acid solution, and both have long histories, require only basic utensils, and are safe when proven recipes are followed.

However, only fermentation improves the nutritional value of vegetables by contributing beneficial microbes and vitamin B12. Common fermented vegetables...