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Waterlily is very fond of floating in a sunny pond. Tantalizing little creature, likes to grow where one can't reach her. – Elizabeth Gordon...


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If every home garden had fertile soil, a gentle once-a-week rainfall and the right amount of sunlight and humidity, gardening would...

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Pumpkin Selection

Pumpkin Selection

Q. How should we select pumpkins for cooking and decorating?

A. From supermarkets to farm stands and backyard gardens, fall brings vast displays of colorful pumpkins. Pumpkins, as well as squash and cucumbers, are members of the plant family Cucurbita, and originated in the Americas. In recent years, many unique cultivars have been introduced, along with distinctive heirloom varieties.

Whether for cooking or decoration, a good pumpkin has the same external characteristics. It should be free from scratches, soft or rotten spots, and cracks,...