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Little Bluestem

Little bluestem is a native, warm-season perennial. It was a dominant grass of the tallgrass prairie, which once spanned some 170 million acres...


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Autumn Migration

Give birds, bees, and butterflies a splendid send-off this autumn

Fall is upon us and there’s plenty to observe and enjoy. Monarch...

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Bringing Houseplants Inside

Bringing Houseplants Inside

Q: Some of my houseplants have spent the summer outdoors. When should I bring them inside and what should be done before bringing them in?

A: Although summer heat may linger into September, average daytime temperatures are falling, and soon the daytime highs will be similar to indoor temperatures—an ideal time to move plants inside with minimal stress. Tropical plants must come indoors before overnight temperatures drop to 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the species of plant. All other plants should be brought inside before daytime...