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Many smart gardeners are also smart chefs.

We devote this edition of Smart Gardener to those gardener-chefs who love the link between the...


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Witch hazel

As gardeners develop an appreciation of native trees and shrubs, many become more willing to try these plants in their own landscapes. The...

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tomato seedlings

Planning on tomato plants

Q: I really want to start my own tomato plants this year. Am I too late?

 A: No, you are not too late. In the Chicago area, we do not recommend that tomatoes be transplanted into your garden until June 1. Since tomatoes require approximately eight weeks from seeding to transplanting, you do not need to start seeds until early April. However, starting tomatoes from seed, while a straightforward process, requires planning and preparation well before April.

First, decide how many plants you will need and what varieties you wish to grow. Key...