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One of the joys of indoor gardening is growing pots of fragrant paperwhite daffodils. During the cold, dreary, winter months, their...


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Brighten the Winter with House Plants

Here’s one cure for cabin fever—grow some cool indoor plants and stage them like they’re pieces of art. Potted plants can sit on the floor, a...

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Plant Materials for Holiday Decor

Plant Materials for Holiday Decor

Q: Are there homegrown plant materials besides conifers that I can use for holiday decorations?

A: Traditions and beliefs that came to North America with immigrants from Europe led to the extensive use of branches and cones of pines, firs, and other evergreen trees and shrubs for holiday decorations. However, not every home landscape contains conifers that can be pruned for this purpose. Fortunately, a range of home landscape plants provide material that can be used to make attractive decorations and much of it is renewable.

Small, leafless branches of...