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tulips in the Crescent Garden

Tulips are the stars of the garden in April and May, with their wide range of colors and sizes; they also are some of the most...


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cottage garden

American gardeners have long looked to England for ideas on garden design. English-style gardens have been promoted in seed...

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Mulching Garden Beds

Q:  I know I should be using mulch on my garden beds, but I’m confused by the many types available at the home center. What should I use?

Mulching is a key gardening technique. The benefits of mulch include moisture retention, weed suppression, moderation of soil temperatures, inhibiting disease spread by reducing soil splash, and, in the case of organic mulches, soil enrichment as they decay.

Organic mulches include shredded tree bark, wood chips (either fresh or partially decayed), composted leaves and other plant material, straw, and grass clippings. Among...