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In the private world of the gardener's imagination there exist certain flowers that have entwined themselves in our past. We associate...


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Spring is here and with it come wildflowers—trillium, mayapples, and spring beauties. Take a stroll or sit in your garden and you may see and hear...

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Spring Perennial Dividing

Q:  As temperatures rise and my perennials are emerging, it appears that some of them are very crowded. Should I divide them now?

A:  The correct time to divide perennials depends on the type of plant. Some perennials, such as bugleweed (Ajuga) and tickseed (Coreopsis), may benefit from frequent division every one to three years. Others, such as peony (Paeonia) and plantain lily (Hosta) may require division only every ten years or more. Perennials such as monkshood (Aconitum napellus) and false indigo (Baptisia australis) actually resent being...