Victory Gardens 2020

Victory Gardens 2020

The Victory Garden movement in World War II encouraged a nation of home gardens. The results were impressive: 20 million gardens were established, and 40 percent of the nation’s fruits and vegetables were homegrown. This year, more than ever, people are eager to get back in the garden. Follow along with us this growing season.

Each week, we will have new topics to explore. It’s time to pick up your shovel and build your own victory garden.

A Victory Garden Coloring BookVictory Garden Coloring Book

This coloring book takes its inspiration from Vegetable Gardening in Wartime, published in 1943 by L. Richard Guylay, and A Curious Herbal, published in 1737 by Elizabeth Blackwell, which is in the Rare Book Collection of the Garden’s Lenhardt Library. Thanks to librarian Leora Siegel, who provided access to wonderful illustrations in the collection, and graphic designer Nancy Snyder, who added some of her drawings.

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6 Crops to Grow this Year

Week 1: Don’t know what to plant? Here are six crops to consider for your home garden. You can start small, too: We have tips on growing a salad in a container or herbs on your windowsill.



Get Growing

Week 2: Information to help you get your garden growing.


In the Dirt

Week 3: Growing season is here! Now that your hands are dirty, gather tips for growing success and find ideas to fill your space creatively.


Gardening Tasks as Therapy

Week 4: Escape day-to-day stress, and spend time in the company of growing things.


Growing Season Problems Solved

Week 5: Running into obstacles in the garden? We've got answers...


Growing More Than Plants

Week 6: Now that your plants are happily growing and your chores are complete, find inspiration spending time in your outside space.


Cooking with your Crops

Week 7: Harvest time is right around the corner. Here are some recipes to get excited about while your plants finish growing.