How to tell someone: You rock

Here’s a quick, creative way to let mom or a special someone know that you care—make a kindness stone, just because.

You may have seen kindness stones around your neighborhood. After my daughter and I recently painted some rocks, I was putting them around a flower bed in our front yard when a woman walked by. She said, “I love those—every time I see one on my walk, I take a picture and post it. Do you mind?”

Kindness stones make people smile and are small enough to put on a desk or window ledge. The whole family can get involved—even teen-agers will enjoy a chance to express themselves with this easy craft.

Kindness Stone Supplies


  • Rocks—fist size is a good place to start
  • *Paint
  • Permanent marker
  • Newspaper or work surface

*Any paint will do—look for nontoxic options that are safe for children and environmentally friendly. Sidewalk chalk is another great option.

Kindness Stone Directions


  1. Wash the rocks with soap and water. Then dry them.
  2. Paint the background and set the rocks out to dry.
  3. Paint on flowers or other embellishments, and write a short message or word.
  4. Place the kindness stones in your garden or around the neighborhood, or give them as gifts.
Kindness Stones
Kindness Stones



Mila Love
Coordinator, Family Programs
April 27, 2020


My kids usually paint smiley faces on beach rocks; we call them "happy rocks" and have been leaving them around Evanston & Skokie for several years.

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