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In addition to horticultural displays, the Garden presents a wide variety of exhibitions, including fine photography and an array of artwork. Click here for a map of the Garden's Regenstein Center, where most exhibitions take place.

Fossil Hunting in Mongolia
Fossil Hunting in Mongolia

Prehistoric Plants Uncovered

Open during Garden hours
Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Plant Conservation Science Center
Grainger Gallery
Admission is free; regular parking fees apply

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On display in the Grainger Gallery of the Plant Science Center is an exhibition highlighting research by Chicago Botanic Garden scientists. Mongolia is well known for spectacular dinosaur fossils, including velociraptors and the first dinosaur egg fossils. But we know almost nothing about what plants lived alongside Mongolia’s dinosaurs. Garden scientists Patrick Herendeen and Fabiany Herrera, together with colleagues, are studying plant fossils to learn more about Mongolia’s plants and how they’ve evolved.