Nature and Wellness

Nature and wellness resources from the Chicago Botanic Garden

Nature during your break

Nature Activities For a Break

Inside or out, connecting with nature helps reduce stress. Utilize what is around you, whether it be a holding a single leaf or sitting quietly beneath an enormous tree. Reduce stress, anxiety, and relax.

Green Cart

Green Cart

Green carts are perfect for high stress/busy workplaces where nature-breaks are hard to schedule. Visiting a cart allows you to have mini doses of nature throughout the day.

Aromatic Herbs

Aromatic Herbs

Aromatic herbs help us conquer weary nerves and cabin fever. Breathing in the rich scent of lemon verbena, lavender, or spearmint relaxes our minds by reminding us of the sweet, earthy flavors that abound in our summer herb gardens.


Ideas to keep you relaxed with nature and busy in your garden

Gardening therapy

Gardening Is Therapy

What makes plants so effective in relieving stress? "Plants provide us an escape. Whether through passive viewing or active gardening, our minds let go of current worries and become absorbed in positive thoughts of beauty, renewal, and wonder."

Forest Bathing

Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing)

Forest bathing, sometimes called forest therapy, gives us the opportunity to slow down our mind and body and connect with the forest.

Early spring crops

Plant Early Spring Crops

As days grow longer in early spring, gardeners get excited to start planting. And for vegetable gardeners, late March is not too soon.



Spring: Time to Divide and Multiply Perennials

Many perennials form clumps of leaves that grow larger each year. Because they form ever-expanding clumps, the plants benefit from being dug out of the ground, divided, and replanted. Voilá! More plants!

Attracting birds to your garden

Attract Birds to Your Garden

You can encourage migrating as well as year-round birds into your garden by offering them food, water, and shelter. Start with easy-to-clean bird feeders. Place the feeders at different heights.

Spring bird migration

Spring: View Bird Migration

In spring, you can witness the magical, mysterious migration of songbirds. Trees and flowers open their leaves and begin to bloom, inviting insects to taste their nectar and munch on their burgeoning greenery.


More Ideas

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