walks at the Garden

Winter Photo Tour

Shadows & Shapes

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Distance: .4 miles  Time: 40 mins-1 hour

Stop 1: Photo Tip: Winter-Japanese Garden

If you are lucky to have snow, the conifers will all offer up a nice icing of snow that highlights their artistry. Remember that you usually need to slightly overexpose in scenes that are mostly white. The bridge creates the symmetrical form joining the big island with the first island of Sansho-En.

Stop 2: Photo Tip: Winter-Greenhouses

The Arid Greenhouse is a particularly good experience for the Midwestern photographer. Because of their need to store water, many of these plants have greater volume than the ones growing in this climate. Look for cylinders, spheres, cubes, rectangles, and maybe even a triangle. Photograph the plants from an angle that accentuates how they mimic these forms.

Stop 3: Photo Tip: Winter-Landscape Garden

Capture snow on the often-forgotten smaller sculptures. The Herons, the little girl, and the bear are all there year-round, but are especially photogenic when blanketed in snow.