Garden Walks

Enjoy seasonal beauty throughout the year

The Garden can be experienced in so many ways at every time of the year. Perhaps the most immediate and gratifying experience is to walk the Garden. A spring walk can be fragrant and inspiring; a summer walk may be warm and intense; an autumn walk may be a thrill of color and sound; and a winter walk can be invigorating and nurturing. Find your own pathway — paved, bark-lined, or meandering — and make the Garden your own.

The outer circuit of the Garden is an ideal place for a fitness walk, a high-intensity run, or a leisurely stroll, at any time of day and in every season. First thing in the morning, join the birds and herons testing out the new day. Will the fog lift? Will the clear sky become decorated with white clouds? Late on a summer evening, watch the sun set as the lights illuminate Evening Island.

Enhance your next visit to the Garden with one of these walks: