Summer Photo Tour

Shapes and Texture

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Distance: .35 miles  Time: 40-50 mins

Stop 1: Photo Tip: Summer-Heritage Garden

Observe the texture of the water lilies floating on the rippling aquatic pools. If you visit this garden in the evening, note the dramatic effect of the lighting.

Stop 2: Photo Tip: Summer-Rose Garden

Delicate rosebuds and petals contrast the plant's angular thorns. A narrow depth of field might highlight one of those elements and de-emphasize the other, while a wider depth of field might reveal them together.

Stop 3: Photo Tip: Summer-Japanese Garden

From across the water on the gravel lakeside path, photograph the perfectly pruned conifers. Consider the design sensibility that has already informed the structure of your subject, as you compose your framing. Control balance in your composition and consider irregularity and asymmetry when your frame your photos.

Stop 4: Photo Tip: Summer-Waterfall Garden

The falling and still pools of water offer the perfect location to experiment with varying shutter speeds.

Stop 5: Photo Tip: Summer-Dwarf Conifer Garden

Note subtle shifts in tone between the various conifers and the gracefully placed stones. Try photographing in black and white.

Stop 6: Photo Tip: Summer-English Oak Meadow

Observe and photograph pollinators. Don't worry, they won't bother you unless you bother them.

Stop 7: Photo Tip: Summer-Arch Bridge

Enjoy the views of Evening Island. No matter where you are, turn around and look for what might be behind you.

Stop 8: Photo Tip: Summer-Evening Island

Pay attention to how the structure of the leaf veins of hostas support the enormous leaves. These plants, often overlooked for their low profile, become architectural masterpieces and can be photographed as such.

Stop 9: Photo Tip: Summer-Tree-lined Path

Use spheres of coneflowers (Echinacea) to consider the light source on your subject. Move around these spheres and pinpoint the angle that affords them the most volume.

Stop 10: Photo Tip: Summer-Sensory Garden

These raised beds give photographers the opportunity to photograph short flowers at a more comfortable level. Pay attention to the bed with the sense of touch in mind. Photographs have a special ability to hint at a tactile response.

Stop 11: Photo Tip: Summer-English Walled garden

Look for symmetrical shapes in urns and edging. Notice repeating shapes in the brick wall borders.