Cooking Classes

ITW Kitchen

Cooking Classes in the ITW Kitchen

The Chicago Botanic Garden offers cooking classes and camps for all ages in the Regenstein Learning Center’s ITW Kitchen. All classes feature seasonal produce from Windy City Harvest, opportunities to develop new cooking techniques and skills, and lessons on botanic and culinary connections. Bring recipes home and savor the creations you help prepare in class.

Cooking Classes for Adults

Cooking Classes for Adults

Join a professional chef and culinary instructor, and develop new cooking skills. Learn recipes to replicate in your home kitchen, and savor the delicious foods you helped prepare. Explore knife skills, learn how to cook with herbs, or see how brines, marinades, and rubs can enhance your grilling.

Cooking Classes for Middle Schoolers

Cooking Classes for Middle Schoolers

Winter Break Middle School Cooking Camp

An experienced kids’ culinary instructor will offer young teens some basic food-preparation techniques, as they follow recipes using healthy ingredients from a garden. Middle schoolers will expand their skills while they are inspired to try new foods and look at food preparation in new ways.

Cooking Camps

Weekend Family Classes

Kids' Night Out

School Day Off Camps

Check out our cooking classes for kids and families! Classes focus on vegetables and fruits harvested from the Regenstein Fruit & Vegetable Garden (when available) and healthy recipes. Each session will introduce cooking techniques and botanical ideas that will inspire families to explore cuisines both in class and at home.