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Fall Photo Tour

The Color Wheel

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Distance: .85 miles  Time: 1 hour - 1 hour 20 min.

Stop 1: Photo Tip: Fall-Heritage Garden

Create a repeated pattern with frame filled with one or more tightly-packed mum flower heads. Look for a leaf or another object resting on these expansive patterns, and contrast the repetition and the singularity of the leaf shape.

Stop 2: Photo Tip: Fall-Circle Garden

Capture striking fall colors. Focus on mum displays. Consider the color wheel, where green and red are opposite, or complementary colors, and green and yellow are adjoining, or analogous. Try photographingsome color combinations you are attracted to as well as those you dislike.

Stop 3: Photo Tip: Fall-Spider Island

Find the first shows of fall color on the maple trees lining the path as you approach the bridge. Contrast with the golden glow of native foliage and arborvitae.

Stop 4: Photo Tip: Fall-Sensory Garden

The wooded path is dappled with romantic filtered light. Consider how fallen leaves mirror the color scheme, top and bottom in your frame. The birch grove presents a repeating pattern that stabilizes your frame. Avoid too much chaos. Try closing one eye, to remove your natural sense of depth, to preview how your compositionwill look flat. Use your camera's f-stop preview button.

Stop 5: Photo Tip: Fall-Evening Island

Moving grass can be the photographer's best friend or worst enemy. Embrace its free-flowing nature. Use wind to practice your photographic technique of panning; moving your camera along with a moving object, so that it remains in focus while everything else is a blur of motion. Alternatively, try a fast shutter speed and low depth of field.

Stop 6: Photo Tip: Fall-Tip for Trees

Fall color unfolds as follows: maple trees, pear trees (autumn blaze), elms on the Esplanade, ginkgo, and last, willows. On your return from Evening Island, note the red and yellow crabapple berry varieties hanging right over the path. Try to stand in a place where your subject will not be overwhelmed by the background.

Stop 7: Photo Tip: Fall-English Walled Garden

Look for birds and bees feasting on the late season aster display. On your way out, glance down the glowing Linden Allee.