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The success of the Windy City Harvest program depends critically on your support. Find out how your organization can get involved in a collaboration, or give a gift to support the mission of the Chicago Botanic Garden to help keep Windy City Harvest growing.

Success Stories

Windy City Harvest Success Stories

Read about the people and businesses that have grown from the opportunities offered by Windy City Harvest's programs. The support of our generous donors and collaborators does make a difference.

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Windy City Harvest

It takes a network of enlightened partners to make the kind of impact that Windy City Harvest is having on Chicago’s food hub and the farmers and entrepreneurs who are being trained to help it grow.

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Windy City Harvest Thank Yous

We thank all those who recognize the importance of this work to advance a more sustainable and healthy food system, to research and innovate new growing strategies, and to serve communities of need with education and green job opportunities.

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Windy City Harvest Thank Yous

While earned revenues support some of the annual operating costs of the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Windy City Harvest programs for youth and adults, government grants and the generosity of foundation, corporate, and individual donors truly sustain this ongoing initiative.

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