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Poinsettia caution


Q. Are poinsettia plants poisonous?

A.The term "poisonous plants" is often associated with plants that may cause great harm or be fatal if ingested. Potential poisoning depends on the level of toxins contained in the plant and the amount consumed.

Insect leaf damage


Q. I’ve noticed many leaves of my plants look chewed. What is causing this and is there anything I can spray to help my plants? 

 A. At this time of year, many different types of insects and their larvae frequently feed on the leaves of plants. Without seeing the culprit, it is not possible to determine which insect is causing the damage to your plants. Inspect your plants thoroughly in order to positively identify the insect causing the damage.

Types of strawberries

Q. What is the difference between June-bearing and ever-bearing strawberries? 

A. Types of strawberries are named according to their harvest time. June-bearing strawberries are the most familiar type and produce the largest fruits as well as large yields. Ever-bearing plants produce two smaller crops, one in June and another in early fall. June-bearing varieties also produce larger numbers of runners than ever-bearing varieties.