Poinsettia caution


Q. Are poinsettia plants poisonous?

A.The term "poisonous plants" is often associated with plants that may cause great harm or be fatal if ingested. Potential poisoning depends on the level of toxins contained in the plant and the amount consumed.

Protecting Houseplants from Insects

Houseplant Care in Winter

Q: I have had problems with insects on my houseplants during past winters. Is there anything I can do to prevent or control them?

A: The first step is to keep insects out of the house by carefully inspecting any plants before bringing them into your home. This is especially important for plants that have spent the summer outdoors. If insects are found, isolate the affected plants immediately.

Drill a Drainage Hole

Ceramic Pots

Q: I understand the importance of planting in pots with adequate drainage, but many of my pots don’t have holes. Every time I try to drill into the bottom of the pot, it cracks. How do I drill a drainage hole into a ceramic plant pot without cracking it?

A: The following process can be successful, but it is not guaranteed, and it is intended for adults with cordless drill competence.