Overwintering Tropical Hibiscus

Q. How do I overwinter tropical hibiscus indoors?


A. Your hibiscus should be moved indoors well before the first fall frost. Check the plants for insects prior to moving them indoors. 

Hibiscus commonly attract whitefly. Do not be alarmed if your hibiscus loses all of its leaves shortly after moving them indoors; this is normal. They will soon produce new growth. Hibiscus overwinter best indoors if provided with bright light and warm temperatures. 

Provide consistent moisture, but do not allow the plant to stand in water, which is a good practice for all houseplants. If your plant is growing in its original potting medium, it should be repotted in a good quality potting medium in the spring. At this time, prune back all leggy growth in late winter and begin fertilizing with a well-balanced fertilizer every two weeks. 

Your hibiscus can be slowly acclimated to the outdoors into full sun after all danger of frost has passed in the spring.