English Oak Meadow

To the east of the English Walled Garden is a gently rolling tapestry of blooming bulbs, vibrant flowers, and shrubs set amid several varieties of oak trees. This hillside meadow is awash with color from spring through fall.

Arcs of flowers on both sides of the pathway create a succession of blooming, right up until frost, with seasonal delights perfectly orchestrated so there is always a show, no matter what the month.

This floral carpet is found between the English Walled Garden and the Dwarf Conifer Garden and is home to many resident and migrating birds. A variety of butterflies can always be seen dancing from one nectar- and pollen-rich plant to another.

Enjoy the show from benches or from the paths that turn down to the Great Basin. A short climb up the stone steps to the hilltop Dwarf Conifer Garden will reward visitors with a spectacular view.