Focus on Photography - Nature and Landscape Track

The Nature and Landscape track allows the student to observe and capture images of the natural world. Through classroom study and field work, students will learn to use the camera as a tool for documenting flora, fauna, and other environmental subjects, while gaining an appreciation of nature.

Program Requirements:

The program consists of five required introductory courses, four required courses, a choice of four fundamental courses, and completion of 40 hours of elective courses, followed by a culminating portfolio review. You may select any combination of elective courses, tailoring the program to your personal learning objectives and interests.

To earn a certificate, a passing grade and at least one portfolio-quality finished piece is required to pass each course. (If you are not interested in pursuing the certificate, you do not need to concern yourself with grades.) The certificate must be complete within five years of the start date of your first course within the program.

Nature and Landscape Track Requirements

Introductory Required Courses:
Beginning Digital Photography
Intermediate Digital Photography
Digital Work Flow for Beginners
Lightroom 1
Photoshop 1
(proficiency tests available for intermediate students)

Required Courses:
Documenting Nature
Macro Photography
Nature & Landscape Portfolio A
Nature & Landscape Portfolio B

Fundamental Courses:
Choice of four:
Black & White Photography
Composition in Landscape Photography
Photographing Trees
Photographing in Natural Light
Others as offered

40 hours required

Sample Electives:
Architectural Photography
Art Fair and Exhibition Workshop
Lighting Techniques
Lightroom 2
Photographing Orchids
Photographing Butterflies and Blooms
Photography Tools & Techniques – various
Photoshop 2
The Art of Still Life Photography
Urban Photography
Others as offered

~ fundamental courses in other tracks may be taken as electives
~ electives are seasonal and are available as scheduled