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Bulbs are offered for sale at retail only. This is a benefit bulb sale and funds are to be contributed to the Chicago Botanic Garden. Therefore, there are no discounts offered either to professionals or to members of our support groups or auxiliary boards. We make every effort to price the bulbs fairly.  

All sales are final. Bulbs cannot be exchanged or returned for refunds. All bulbs are premium quality. They are shipped directly from growers in Holland and the United States. They are hardy and viable for planting in U.S. Department of Agriculture Zone 5, unless noted otherwise. We cannot be held responsible for losses due to extreme weather conditions, improper storage conditions, delayed planting, improper site conditions, or improper climate plantings.  

We strive to be accurate in both our descriptions and labeling. Although information is based on the fact that the Chicago area is located in Zone 5, bloom time, height, and color are approximations and can be affected by weather and site conditions. We suggest that you email our Plant Information Hotline for any “how-to” questions, or for information regarding the growth habits of the bulbs you purchase.  

It is the policy of the Chicago Botanic Garden to purchase bulbs that are certified to be nursery-propagated.