Horticultural Therapy Internship Application

Internship Supervisors

Alicia Green (847) 835-8248 

*Applications due by January 1. Determination will be made by March 1.

Basic Criteria:

  • Applicants must be graduates of, or currently enrolled in an AHTA accredited horticultural therapy academic program with at least 6 credits in horticultural therapy completed to apply.
  • Off-site internship applicants must have 9 credits in horticultural therapy completed to apply.
  • Online internship applicants must have all core curriculum completed to apply. Please note that online internships require pre-approval by AHTA and require an additional application*.
  • Priority given to applicants who are graduates of the Chicago Botanic Garden Horticultural Therapy Certificate Program.
  • Applicants must complete a Chicago Botanic Garden volunteer application and orientation with background check prior to internship start date.
  • Interns will be responsible for coordinating with Garden staff to observe and assist with direct client services. Interns will be ultimately responsible for scheduling and collecting all internship hours, direct and indirect.
  • Interns will be responsible for keeping accurate records of their internship hours collected and commit to completing the internship within the AHTA requirements of 2 years.
  • Applicants must possess valid driver’s license.
  • Program cost: $250.00. Supervision and administrative fees.

*Other requirements and guidelines for horticultural therapy internship are included in the AHTA internship policy and procedures document found on their website: www.ahta.org.

Off-Site/Online Internship Appendix

Please attach your college transcript and resume.

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