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Hanging Terrariums

Peek into hanging terrariums for an ant’s-eye view of nature with artist Vaughn Bell.

Vaughn Bell: Local Homes: Nature in Your Backyard

Friday, April 20 – Sunday, April 22, 2018
Burnstein Hall

Free; open to the public during Garden hours.

Experience three Illinois ecosystems from the inside out, close-up and personal, in this interactive terrarium exhibition created by Seattle artist Vaughn Bell and Chicago Botanic Garden scientist Pati Vitt, Ph.D. The secrets of a bog, ravine, and woodland are revealed at eye level by placing your head within these life-size terrarium-like structures. The contrasting multisensory, immersive experience of each ecosystem highlights the complexity and nuance of our local natural spaces, as humans sharing the same air and the same earth.

Metropolis by artist Vaughn Bell

Interior view of Metropolis by Vaughn Bell