Eupatorium maculatum

Spotted Joe-Pye Weed

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Native to Illinois, spotted Joe-Pye weed grows in moist areas where it can reach 5 feet or more; it has a dense, erect habit. This perennial is suitable for large-scale planting or use in a mixed border. The showy, lavender-pink flowers grow in flat-topped clusters 4 to 6 inches wide on this tall, late-flowering plant. They bloom for an extended period of time, then transform into fluffy seeds that will fly around the garden on a windy day. This excellent garden plant has green stems with purple markings—hence, its common name, spotted Joe-Pye weed. 

Spotted Joe-Pye weed is native to the open, wet meadows of North America and is the only Joe-Pye weed that is naturally occurring west of the Great Plains. It is happiest in sunny, moist locations, but is adaptable to part shade and rich soils that do not dry out. Greatly beloved as a butterfly magnet, it is useful in native gardens and restorations for its height and beauty.

Plant Shape
Full Sun, Partial Shade
Bloom Time
July - August, September - October
Bloom Color
Pink, Lavender, Purple
Landscape Use
Bedding or Border, Specimen Plant
Wildlife Interest
Attracts Birds, Attracts Butterflies, Resistant To Deer, Native to Midwest
Plant Type
Hardiness Zone
3 - 8