Chrysanthemum 'Matchsticks'

Matchsticks Quilled Mum

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The flowers of Matchsticks quill-flowered mum (Chrysanthemum 'Matchsticks') are golden yellow with fire engine-red tips. The quill form is created when normally flat petals don't split down a seam as they mature. The red at the tips of this cultivar is the color that would be seen if this were a daisy-flowered mum.

This hardy cultivar does not need pinching or staking to reach the mature height and spread of 2 feet by 2 feet in the garden, and it often produces an early flush of flowers in July in addition to the spectacular main display from September through early November. Like all mums, butterflies and other insects that feed on nectar find this plant irresistible.

Plant Shape
Full Sun
Bloom Time
July - August, September - October
Bloom Color
Red, Yellow
Landscape Use
Bedding or Border
Wildlife Interest
Attracts Butterflies
Plant Type
Hardiness Zone
5 - 9