Chrysanthemum 'Joyce Fountain'

Joyce Fountain Reflexed Mum

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'Joyce Fountain', a cultivar released in 2008, is classified as a reflexed chrysanthemum, with cascading petals giving it the appearance of a fountain or a mop. The color is unusual: burgundy on the outer petals with tan undersides that are only noticeable as the new petals unfold. The flowers are large and used in exhibitions. This cultivar was named "Best New Introduction" in the 65th Annual National Chrysanthemum Society show. To make flowers larger, growers will remove the smaller buds so all the plant's energy goes into the remaining buds. The result is a plant with only three to five stems, each topped with a very large flower. This type of chrysanthemum is not reliably winter hardy in the Chicago area.

Plant Shape
Full Sun
Bloom Time
September - October
Bloom Color
Red, Yellow
Landscape Use
Bedding or Border
Plant Type
Hardiness Zone
0 - 0