Essentials Creative

Essentials Creative–Misa Yamamoto, Fabian Villa, Steven Casanova, and Sixto-Juan Zaval–Austin, TX


Medium: Installation art, digital prints on linen, photography, collage, graphic design, and illustration

Location: Regenstein Fruit & Vegetable Garden and the Farm on Ogden

Artist statement: Rhizomatic is a collaborative art installation between Essentials Creative collective and the scientists and staff at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The project is inspired by the rhizome as a philosophical concept developed by theorists Deleuze and Guattari. The installation weaves together cultural and scientific stories about diversity and collaboration. Featured plants in the artwork include ginkgo biloba, pawpaw, horsetail, white sage, eastern prairie fringed orchid, kernza, and amaranth. We aim to contribute to multicultural perspectives on plants, share the Garden’s scientific research, and explore rhizomes as a metaphor for interconnectedness.

Essentials Creative Art

Essentials Creative Art

Essentials Creative Art

Essentials Creative Farm On Ogden Art

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