Plant Conservation Science Center Woods

The PCSC Woods replicates conditions commonly experienced by homeowners: it is small and highly visible, consisting of only 1 acre along our service road, right next to our Science Center.

In 2010, Garden ecologists removed invasive species, seeded native herbaceous species, and planted seedling oak trees to re-establish an oak canopy. When possible, prescribed burning is conducted, and invasive species are managed to support native species diversity. Because of its small size and high visibility, it is similar to other small woodlots found in neighborhoods throughout the region, and showcases what can be done to support plants and wildlife in even a small space.

Enjoy while you stroll or bike along the East Road (also known as the North Branch Bike Trail); just north of Rainwater Glen and the Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Plant Conservation Science Center, which is one of the stops on the Grand Tram route.

The woods are beautiful year-round, but especially shine in the fall when leaves begin to turn.

Native plants growing here are used in Plant ID courses taught to graduate students in the Garden's joint graduate program in Plant Biology and Conservation with Northwestern University.