Focus on Photography - Master Track

Program Design:

The Focus on Photography advanced Master track is geared for those who wish to gain insight into the larger world of photography. The curriculum is designed to help students develop their personal perspective as photographers and to provide direction for their "next steps"-- from understanding the fully developed portfolio to exploring exhibition and publishing opportunities. This project - based track is ideal for those who are curious about exploring personal projects as they relate to their photography.

Program Requirements:

To pursue the Master track, students must successfully complete either the Focus on Photography Fine Art or Nature and Landscape track. The program consists of four required courses, completion of 60 hours of Master track elective courses, and a culminating project. You may select any combination of elective courses, tailoring the program to your personal learning objectives and interests.

To earn a certificate, students must receive a passing grade for each required course and elective course, and complete a culminating project. Students must also be a graduate of either the Fine Art or Nature and Landscape track. The certificate must be completed within five years of the start date of your first course within the Master track.

Master Track Required Courses:

Choice of 4:
Perspectives in Photography    
Personal Storytelling Using Symbols and Metaphors   
Professional Practices in Photography   
The History of Photography
Portfolio Preparation - Presenting Your Work
Advanced Landscape Photography
Others as offered

Sample Electives:
Legal Issues in Photography
The Philosophy of Photography
Alternative Printing for Photographers
The Power of Photography
Methods in Creativity for Photographers
Advanced Black & White Photography
The Nature of Urbanscape Photography
Visiting Artist Workshops
Writing to Your Photography                   
Others as offered

Culminating Project:

Students must prepare and complete a culminating project consisting of the following requirements:

Culminating Project Studio course completion
Open Studio mentoring
Artist statement
Project statement
Presentation of project and portfolio

Students are required to complete and pass the Culminating Project Studio to create their projects and prepare their project statements and presentations. A brief artist statement will be required, along with a project statement with research and references to the background of their subject, including contemporary and historical context, research, and citations; 800 word minimum. The final step will be a 30-minute student presentation of their completed project and portfolio to a panel of Master track faculty, who will critique, provide feedback, and assign the final grade for the project. Project presentation opportunities will be scheduled yearly or as students near completion.

Certificate Presentation

Certificates of Merit for completion of the Master track will be conferred annually at the Certificate Program graduation ceremony held in January of each year.