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Here is some coloring inspiration for all ages. Download and print yours at home.




Garden Design For Adults

Design Your Own Heritage Garden

If you have visited the Garden, you have probably passed through the Heritage Garden, but I bet you didn't know this...

The Heritage Garden is a circular space that is divided into four quadrants with seven perimeter beds. The beds display plants according to their geographic origin, and 14 additional beds display the major plant families grouped according to their scientific classification. In the center, there is a classic physic garden planted with medicinal plants from around the world. These plants surround a signature water feature with cascading sheets of water. It also features artistic horticultural displays and occasional holiday decor. In the summer, three aquatic pools contain waterlilies, lotus, and other tropical water plants.

Heritage Garden

Heritage Garden

What if you were the landscape designer in charge of creating thoughtful beauty in this garden? How would you choose the plants and divide the space? What would feature in the middle? Download, print, and plant with your imagination and some art supplies. Share your creation with us when you're done—we'd love to see your ideal garden!



Coloring For Adults

Unwind & Clear Your Mind

Paint the Garden's flowers in the comfort of your home.

Shower mom with color: Coloring pages make a great gift for little ones to give to mom. Download and send to mom (or grandma, or a special friend!) this Mother's Day.

Special Coloring Book

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