Jessica Goehler

Jessica Goehler
(847) 835-8242

As the Curator at the Chicago Botanic Garden, Jess Goehler is responsible for the acquisition, development, use, research, and interpretation of the Garden’s internationally renowned collection of permanent plants.  Curating the living plant collection involves the procurement of plants from other botanic institutions, commercial nurseries and partners, plant breeding programs, and plant collecting expeditions.  Additionally, she plays a role in the Garden’s breeding and evaluation programs to incorporate successful trials and new releases from Chicagoland Grows® Plant Introduction.  Jess has a focus on building and managing the nationally accredited collections of Baptisia, Geranium, Spiraea, and Quercus (multi-site) and displaying non-hardy plant collections for public enjoyment. 

Originally, a native of northeast Ohio, Jess has earned a BA in Plant Biology and Environmental Studies from Ohio University and a MA in Urban Geography and GIS from Chicago State University.  Jess has experimented in many botanical areas including ecological work with the National Park Service in rural Idaho, conservatory, residential and public horticulture in Ohio, Illinois, and California, and plant surveying and documentation in Illinois, California, and Colorado.  Jess currently serves as the Vice-Chair for the Plant Nomenclature & Taxonomy for the American Public Garden Association.