Leaders in Training


PHOTO: Leaders in Training

Ages 13 – 15

Over the course of two weeks, each Leader in Training (LIT) participant will work with the LIT coordinator every morning on a new topic focusing on life skills that will help them in future job searches, taking leadership roles at school, and even college preparation. Then, they will immerse themselves in camp for the afternoon. Upon finishing their two weeks, LITs will have the option to volunteer with Camp CBG.


Applications will be available in December, interviews will begin in January, and placement will be confirmed within two weeks of the interview.

Please note: a mandatory training takes place in early June.

For an application and more information about the LIT program, please contact the camp manager at Click here to show mail address. The cost of the two-week, full-day program is $440.

Excerpts from a letter from an LIT applicant:
"I would like to participate in the Leaders in Training Program. When I was little (first grade), I loved science so my mom signed me up for Camp CBG. I knew the garden pretty well since we had a membership. I remember the first activity we made at camp, a fossil with plaster of Paris with shells, ginkgo leaves, and other leaves. After that, I knew I found something I wanted to do for the rest of my life, a career in science. I don't know what field, but something gave me the best feeling, like a kid getting his favorite toy, only better. I want to do this because I love to do it; it's the best science camp ever!"