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Carillon Concert

Carillonneur Jon Lehrer (Christmas in July)

Carillon Concert

Jon Lehrer (Christmas in July)
Monday, July 24, 7 p.m.

Jon Lehrer

Jon Lehrer began his carillon studies in 2000 at Yale University. Since graduating with a degree in mathematics, Lehrer has performed concert tours spanning Europe and North America. He is a laureate of four international competitions for carillon, most notably the Queen Fabiola International Carillon Competition, where he was also awarded the SABAM prize for the best interpretation of Flemish carillon music. Lehrer won the 2010 International Carillon competition of the Dutch Carillon Guild, and was the highest ranked competitor in the International Alexis Julien Competition for baroque music. He graduated with great distinction from the Belgian Royal Carillon School “Jef Denijn,” where he studied with Eddy Mariën, Geert D'hollander, and Koen Cosaert. He has been a frequent guest artist at the annual North American Carillon Congresses, and has performed the Cast in Bronze theatrical carillon show on the Mobile Millenium Carillon at Renaissance festivals across the United States. Lehrer currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, and works as a bioinformatician in cancer research.