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Carillon Concert

Carillonneur Katherine I. Zhou

Carillon Concert

Katherine I. Zhou
Monday, June 19, 7 p.m.

Katherine Zhou

Katherine Zhou is from Chicago. She took her first music lesson at age four. In the following years, she learned to play the piano, violin, and classical guitar, and she continued to take lessons in these instruments until the end of high school. Katherine first heard about the carillon when she arrived at Yale as a college freshman. She learned to play the carillon from her fellow Yalie Joey Brink. After becoming a member of the Yale University Guild of Carillonneurs, she took lessons with carillonneur and Yale Guild mentor Ellen Dickinson. Zhou took the carillonneur examination and became a full member of the Guild of Carillonneurs of North America in 2012. She graduated from Yale in 2012 with a B.S. in molecular biophysics and biochemistry. Since then, Zhou has been a student in the medical scientist training program at the University of Chicago, where she is currently studying RNA modifications and RNA binding proteins in the laboratory of Professor Tao Pan. She is fortunate to live in Chicago, where she has the opportunity to listen to and play several wonderful carillons.