Meet Taman (pronounced ta‧man), our latest corpse flower to go on bloom watch. The still-growing corpse flower is powering up for what could be a huge, smelly bloom. 

Taman is being displayed outdoors in the Sensory Garden—a fitting setting for the plant whose name is the Indonesian word for “garden” or “park.” In 2017, the gorgeous Sunshine corpse flower was also displayed in the Sensory Garden. 

The corpse flower, or titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum), can grow 6 feet or higher and unleash a rotten stench to attract pollinators. The Garden began collecting titan arums in 2003, as part of a worldwide conservation effort to preserve the species.

Taman is the “flower-child” of parents Maudine and Woody and came to the Garden from Ohio State University in 2017. Our scientists and horticulturists are keeping a close eye on its growth and development outside in the beautiful taman. Meet Taman in person in the Sensory Garden.