Jeremy Foster

Pollen Bank Manager
Selected Professional Associations:

Botanical Society of America; Society for Cryobiology, AAAS

Research Interests:
  • Pollen Banking
  • Cryobiology
  • Ex situ conservation

My work primarily focuses on the collection, study and storage of pollen from endangered species. The storage of pollen allows us to make selected crosses to improve the genetics of plants in collections and help with in situ work down the line.

Selected Publications:

Smith, Donal, Thomas Abeli, Emily Beckman Bruns, Sarah E. Dalrymple, Jeremy Foster, Tania C. Gilbert, Carolyn J. Hogg et al. "Extinct in the wild: The precarious state of Earth’s most threatened group of species." Science 379, no. 6634 (2023): eadd2889.
Foster, Jeremy A., Seana K. Walsh, Kayri Havens, Andrea T. Kramer, and Jeremie B. Fant. "Supporting long‐term sustainability of ex situ collections using a pedigree‐based population management approach." Applications in Plant Sciences 10, no. 5 (2022): e11491.
Graduate Students: NA
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