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Economic Botany

Screening for Medicinal Compounds

Through a cooperative agreement with Professor Djaja Djendoel Soejarto at University of Illinois at Chicago, we provide plant material left over from cleaning seeds for our seed bank, which is then screened for various medicinal compounds at UIC.  In 2014, we provided dried plant material from 350 collections to be screened (Yates, Sollenberger, Vitt, and Havens-Young).

Economic Botany

jackfruit market

Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) is a traditional staple crop in Oceania that has been introduced throughout the tropics. This project examines important living germplasm collections of breadfruit and its closest wild relatives and aims to 1) characterize genetic diversity, including identification of unknown and duplicate accessions; 2) evaluate genetic structure and hybridization within the breadfruit complex, and 3) compare utility of microsatellite markers to previously reported AFLP and isozyme markers in differentiating among cultivars.

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