Biodiversity, Biogeography, and Conservation of Cantharellacae

Cantharellacae includes choice edible fungi such as chanterelles and trumpet fungi. They also are important beneficial symbionts of forest trees. Many species in the group are listed as threatened and endangered in countries that list fungi. Activities in 2014 focused on completing work on documenting the diversity of the group in the Chicago region. DNA analyses confirmed the occurrence of an undescribed species in the yellow chanterelle group. This species is provisionally named Cantharellus chicagoensis. The research also documented for the first time the occurrence of a recently described species previously known only in western Wisconsin. A final draft of a manuscript reporting on these studies was completed and will be submitted in early 2015. A proposal to the National Science Foundation (NSF) to study the global diversity and ecology of the group was submitted, but was not selected for funding (Mueller, Wilson, and collaborators).