Gardening Tips & Techniques

Search the Plant Finder for information on recommended plants, or unearth useful gardening tips and techniques from the list below:

A Green Gardening Primer rain barrel
Anatomy of a Spring Planter PHOTO: Spring planter
Ash Tree Alternatives PHOTO: Ginkgo
Birch Cleaning
Composting mulch_compost
Container Gardening Spring containers
Creating Winter Interest Winter gold crabapple
Cut Branches for Indoor Arrangements and Forcing
Dealing with Snow in the Garden garden gate in snow
DIY Bee Homes Bee Condo Block Illustration
Do-It-Yourself Lawn Care lawn mower
Edibles for Containers
End-of-Season Projects daylily
Enhancing Your Garden Plant a redbud tree
Espalier an Apple Tree espaliered apple tree
Fall Garden Chores Fall Garden Chores
Fall Lawn Care
Fall Leaf Color fall sumac
Feeding Your Roses
Forcing Bulbs for Midwinter Color hyacinth
Garden Lighting Garden lighting
Garden Soil Care Garden Soil Care
Gardening as Therapy Gardening as Therapy
Gardening with Children happy young gardener
Gardening with Colorful Conifers conifers
Grow Houseplants Indoors and Outdoors Alternathera
Growing Top Tomatoes Growing  Top Tomatoes
Growing a Salsa Garden cilantro
Growing Herbs on Your Windowsill oregano
Helpful Tips Before and After Planting after planting tips
Holiday Plant Care cyclamen
How to Identify Beneficial Insects mantas
Japanese Garden Design Japanese garden
Landscaping with Native Plants Black Chokeberry
Maintaining a Perennial Garden echinacea
Make an English Garden Trough
Making Herb Vinegars herb vinegar
Planting a Garden for Birds Cedar Waxwing
Planting a Glass Jar Terrarium
Planting Narcissus Bulbs
Preparing Your Garden for Winter Winter tree
Proper Tree Planting Tree planting
Pruning in Winter
Raised Beds Raised Beds
Repotting Orchids Repotting Orchids
Shade Gardening with Colorful Foliage
Shade Gardening with Perennials toad lily
Small-Space Gardening
Starting a Small-Space Vegetable Garden Starting a Small-Space Vegetable Garden
Starting Vegetables seedlings April
Sustainable Gardening
Topiary and Training Plants topiary
Trees and Shrubs for Spring Color Flowering quince
Using Herbs for Tea chamomile
Using Shrubs in the Perennial Border st john's wort
Watering Plants during Drought tree bag
Weather-Tolerant Gardens Babtisia
Weeding Weeding Information
Winter Pruning PHOTO: Winter Pruning
Wise Watering
Woodland Gardening woodland