Q. I am looking for a colorful companion to some early-spring flowering bulbs. A friend suggested the low-growing anemone.



Q. Every spring I become entranced with the different types of poppies, especially those in containers. Which are best for Chicago?

Aggressive and invasive plants

Q.  What is the difference between aggressive and invasive plants?

A.  The Chicago Botanic Garden defines an invasive plant as “a species, usually nonnative, that is able to establish itself within existing native plant communities and is posing a threat to the integrity of the community.”

An aggressive plant is one that spreads faster than preferred, or into an area of your garden where it is unwanted. A plant may be aggressive in one area of a garden or neighborhood and well behaved in another.

Why is my hosta foliage turning brown?

Botrytis on hosta

A.  The cool, damp, cloudy spring we had this year is conducive to many fungal infections. Some of the more common fungal problems affecting hostas are anthracnose and botrytis. This season, Plant Information has seen many cases of hostas infected with botrytis, which can be prevalent in cool, wet weather. Botrytis on hosta first appears on foliage as water-soaked spots that begin small and increase in size. As the spots enlarge, cinnamon to dark tan rings can sometimes be seen within the lesions. Lesions can also travel down to the petiole of the plant.