Plant Information

Plant Information


Rhododendron spp.

A fully budded azalea plant is a promise of six to eight weeks of continuous flowering in the middle of winter! Azaleas are popular holiday plants for this very reason; they provide nonstop color throughout the darkest winter months and, with proper attention, will bloom again and again for you for many years.

When the danger of frost has passed, an azalea plant can be taken out to the garden or patio and kept in a shaded spot for the summer months. Bring the plant back indoors before autumn frost and place in a very bright but cool location.

Temperature —Azaleas prefer cool indoor temperatures, especially at night.

Light — Place the plant in a bright window, out of direct sun, for winter.
Outdoors in summer, a shaded spot is best.

Water — Constantly moist soil is extremely important.

Humidity — Mist foliage during winter when plant is blooming.

Fertilizer — Fertilize regularly with dilute solution during growing season.

Tips — Regular deadheading (removing the spent blossoms) in winter
keeps the plant attractive and prolongs the bloom period.