Vanda Pure's Wax

Pure's Wax Orchid

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Of show-winning quality, beautiful Vanda orchids originated in Southeast Asia and are therefore warm-growing specimens. Pure’s Wax Vanda orchid, registered by Pure Orchard, produces abundant spikes with brilliant, 4.5-inch dark gentian blue/violet flowers with waxy lateral sepals. They grow from a single stem (monopodial), and the roots stretch out from the base of the stem. Aerial roots roam free of their containers and can grow up to 2 meters long.

In ideal conditions, you can expect numerous spikes with colors so bright that you may need sunglasses to look at them. The flowers are extremely showy and last well in the warm temperatures, bright, filtered light, and high humidity of greenhouses. They require a lot of water throughout the growing season but should be allowed to become relatively dry during the winter. They have a clever trick to let you know when to water. When they are white, they are thirsty; when they are green, they have enough water.

The orchid family consists of a large number of genera, each with its own unique characteristics. A common characteristic, however, is the basic form of the flower, which consists of three petals surrounded by three sepals—often in dramatic and contrasting colors and in a variety of shapes and sizes. Although some orchids are native to temperate zones, most orchids tend to prefer a semitropical or tropical environment (USDA Zones 9-11) and have epiphytic roots—meaning they derive moisture and nutrients from the air and support from another plant; few orchids grow in soil. Orchids usually prefer a diurnal temperature fluctuation—meaning warmer days and cooler nights—though the absolute temperature range (cool, intermediate, or warm) varies by genus and is consistent with their natural habitat. While requiring adequate sunlight for a stunning bloom display, most orchids will not tolerate sustained direct sun.

Many varieties have pseudobulbs, a portion of the stem between leaf nodes that stores water to help sustain the plant through dry periods. Other varieties are monopodial, meaning upward growth is from a single growing point.

There is an exception to almost every general statement one can make about orchids. The family continues to challenge taxonomists.

반다 오키드 (난)은 동남 아시아가 원산지이고 따뜻한 지역에서 자라는 품종입니다. 퓨어즈 왁스 반다 오키든는 퓨어 오차드에 의해 등록되었는데, 여러개의 꽃자루에서 4.5인치 크기의 겐티아나 바이올렛 색 (가지색)의 꽃과 미끈미끈한 옆으로 누운 꽃받침을 피웁니다. 기근은 화분과 상관없이 자라고 2미터까지 자랍니다.

이상적인 조건에서는 꽃자루 색깔이 너무 화려해서 보려면 선글라스가 필요할 정도로 아름답습니다. 매우 화려한 꽃들이지만, 따뜻한 온도, 밝은 빛, 온실의 높은 습도의 조건이 맞

Plant Shape
Full Sun
Bloom Time
January - February, March - April, September - October, November - December
Bloom Color
Blue, Purple
Landscape Use
Bedding or Border
Wildlife Interest
Attracts Butterflies
Plant Type
Hardiness Zone
10 - 11