Tulipa 'Green Star'

Lily-flowered Tulip

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The simple but elegant flowers of this tulip are narrow and flaring at the tips. The petals are white, with a broad green stripe. Because of the shape, it is classed as a lily-flowered tulip, but the green stripe also qualifies it to be a viridiflora tulip. This class of tulips does not typically naturalize well in the Chicago area due to heavy soils that hold too much water during the dormant season (mid- to late summer). Best results at naturalization typically are obtained in gardens with sandy soils, where the bulbs have been inter-planted between herbaceous perennials and shrubs whose roots absorb excess summer rainfall and irrigation water. It will also return the next year if planted in a part of the garden that does not get watered during the summer.

Plant Shape
Full Sun
Bloom Time
March - April, May - June
Bloom Color
White, Green
Landscape Use
Bedding or Border, Specimen Plant
Plant Type
Hardiness Zone
3 - 8