Scilla mischtschenkoana 'Tubergeniana'

Tubergen Milk Squill

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Tubergen milk squill (Scilla mischtschenkoana 'Tubergeniana') produces pale blue to milk-white flowers with the faintest of blue midribs on the flower petals. It is similar to Siberian squill, but there may be up to 12 bell-like flowers per scape, and the stamens are yellow. Frequently the flowers start to open at soil level, but as the flowering season progresses, the flower stalks elongate to approximately 4 inches tall. This is a sterile cultivar, and increase in the garden is achieved slowly through production of bulb offsets, commonly referred to as daughter bulbs.

The species range extends from the Caucasus Mountains south to the mountains of Iran, and it was introduced to cultivation in 1931. Like many other early spring-flowering bulbs, it can be grown in full sun, or underneath the canopy of deciduous trees, where it completes its growth cycle before the trees start to leaf out.

종모양의 파랗거나 하얀 꽃이 피고 노란 수술이 있습니다. 원산지는 코카서스 산 남쪽 부터 이란의 산 지대에 걸쳐 있고, 1931년에 처음 재배되기 시작했습니다.

Plant Shape
Full Sun, Partial Shade
Bloom Time
March - April
Bloom Color
White, Blue
Landscape Use
Bedding or Border
Plant Type
Hardiness Zone
4 - 8