Paeonia 'Murad of Hershey Bar'

Murad of Hershey Bar Tree Peony

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All peonies bloom between April and June; flowers on tree peonies appear 1-2 weeks before those of the herbaceous peonies. ‘Murad of Hersey Bar’ is a tree peony with large single dark maroon flowers with yellow center stamens and strong medium-green stems and foliage. An early bloomer, it is often the first tree peony to bloom. Tree peonies often need to settle in one to two years before producing flowers and, once established, grow to a mature size of 5 feet in 5-8 years. Plant in sun to part shade with the eyes no more than 2 inches below the soil surface and protect from strong winds and afternoon sun. Deer resistant.

Peonies are popular garden plants, known for their stunning flowers, their cold hardiness, and the huge variety of their colors, forms and habits. They are divided into two main groups: herbaceous, which die to the ground in the fall, and tree peonies, deciduous plants with woody stems that they retain throughout the winter. A third category, the Itoh or intersectional peonies, display the extravagant blooms of tree peonies on herbaceous stems.

Plant Shape
Full Sun, Partial Shade
Bloom Time
May - June
Bloom Color
Landscape Use
Screen/Hedge, Bedding or Border, Specimen Plant
Wildlife Interest
Attracts Butterflies, Resistant To Deer
Plant Type
Hardiness Zone
4 - 8