Dombeya 'Seminole'

Tropical Rose Hydrangea

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The Seminole Tropical Rose Hydrangea produces masses of pink ‘snowballs’ in midwinter on a medium sized shrub with large cordate (heart shaped) leaves. Not fussy as to soils texture (sand, clay or loam) but needs supplemental irrigation during droughts, appreciates periodic fertilization but does not tolerate cold temperatures. Like other members of the Malvaceae (Cotton or Hibiscus plant family) it is a great bee plant. Dombeya’s often replace Rhododendrons in warm subtropical and tropical landscapes. This cultivar was released for commercial use by the USDA Plant Introduction Station in Miami, Florida in 1973. Plant breeders at the Research Station crossed Dombeya burgessiae x D. burgessiae ‘Rosemound’ in 1965 and evaluated the seedlings for seven years before selecting this plant for release for its purplish tinted new foliage and large number of pink blooms from late Fall through early Spring.

Plant Shape
Full Sun
Bloom Time
January - February, March - April, November - December
Bloom Color
Landscape Use
Screen/Hedge, Specimen Plant
Plant Type
Hardiness Zone
9 - 12