Colchicum 'Waterlily'

Waterlily Autumn Crocus

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Waterlily crocus (Colchicum 'Waterlily') delights and thrills gardeners in September and October when the large (6-inch tall by 5-inch wide) double flowers begin to open. Reliably hardy in the Chicago region, the plant has broad green leaves that are produced in spring and die back in early summer, so the flowers appear to spring from the bare soil in fall. Deer and rabbits dislike the chemicals in the sap, but slugs, for some reason, appear resistant to the chemicals (only a problem in wet falls). Plant these bulbs in full sun to partial shade and avoid disturbance. Over time, the original bulb (a corm, actually) will produce "daughter" bulbs, resulting in dozens of flowers.

This cultivar is the result of a cross between Colchicum autumnale 'Alboplenum' and Colchicum speciosum 'Album'. Through the miracle of genetic recombination, these two small-flowered white cultivars created this very large-flowered lavender cultivar, which sports dozens of petals in a single bloom.

Plant Shape
Full Sun, Partial Shade
Bloom Time
September - October
Bloom Color
Pink, Lavender
Landscape Use
Bedding or Border, Specimen Plant, Groundcover
Wildlife Interest
Attracts Butterflies, Resistant To Deer
Plant Type
Hardiness Zone
4 - 7