Adenium obesum

42.14057922, -87.78534698

42.1471138, -87.79030609

42.14712524, -87.79024506

Desert Rose

Desert rose or impala lily, is neither a rose or a lily but a small succulent perennial in the dogbane family found growing in Africa, south of the Sahara, and in the Arabian Peninsula. It has a shrubby habit, with many knobby branches growing in an irregular pattern from the thick, trunk-like stem. Once established, it is very drought-tolerant. In its native habitat, it can reach nine feet tall, but in our greenhouses it is three feet tall. A scattering of small, glossy ovate leaves cover the branches, but these are lost during the dry season. Periodically, clusters of beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers appear at the ends of the branches. These are usually bright red, but may also be pink or white.

Plant Shape:
Full Sun
Bloom Time:
January - February
March - April
Bloom Color:
Landscape Use:
Bedding or Border
Specimen Plant
Wildlife Interest:
Attracts Birds
Attracts Butterflies
Resistant To Deer
Plant Type:
Hardiness Zone:
10 - 11