Picturing the Prairie

Paintings by Philip Juras
Joutras Gallery, Regenstein Center, now through September 12

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Celebrate the rich aesthetics, ecology, and history of Illinois prairies at an exhibition that features breathtaking landscapes flawlessly captured in art by Philip Juras.

Juras explored the Chicago area and beyond to discover—and rediscover—a vision of an ecosystem that has virtually vanished in North America. Traveling from his home in Athens, Georgia, he spent five years on the project, guided by some of the foremost prairie conservationists in Illinois and by his own research.

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Find out how prairies are rich, rare, and worth saving.

Paintings by Philip JurasSunrise, Nachusa Grasslands, Illinois, 2019, oil on canvas, 36 x 54 in.

Paintings by Philip JurasSunset, Nachusa Grasslands, Illinois, 2019, oil on canvas, 36 x 54 in.

A dozen large studio canvases and many smaller field paintings—depicting remnants, restorations, and imagined re-creations—take the viewer on a journey of prairie landscapes from the Wisconsin border to the southern end of the state. This body of work continues Juras’s exploration of natural landscapes, especially historical grassland ecosystems.

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Minding Nature discusses his work with the artist in Painting Prairies of Illinois: An Interview with Philip Juras.

Painting Beyond Beauty

Uncover details about our local prairie environments by diving deeper past the canvas surface.
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Paintings of Prairie Environments By Philip Juras - Chiwaukee PrairieChiwaukee Prairie
Kenosha County, Wisconsin